The person whose worldview it would affect more if they were wrong is always going to be the one acting irrational. And do you think it would upset K&K more to know that Rob might actually be grateful to a few cast and crew members, or upset you more to know that Rob genuinely thinks the Twilight movies are terrible? Not to mention the fact that he can genuinely like some people involved / opportunities he's gotten, and hate Twilight anyway.

I like that you call us K&K, that’s adorable. 

I like this message. I like it a lot. 

A lot of people seem very confused about how we feel about Robert Pattinson. 

Do we think he’s grateful for the doors Twilight opened for him? Of course. His name is out there as an actor, he’s a Hollywood heartthrob, he has a lot of opportunities now that he’s famous. 

Do we think he’s a good actor? He’s decent. He’s certainly not terrible. 

Do we think he’s good looking? He’s a handsome little hobo.

Do we think he truly believes that Twilight is a good story? Do we think he finds th story gripping, the characters deep and three-dimensional, and the love story heartwarming? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

This blog is 100% speculation based on comments he makes in interviews. That’s it. Speculation based on that one time he took a fan out for a three hour dinner where he complained about his life. Comments where he pokes holes in the logic of  movie he happens to be starring in. BANGING. DAWN. YOU GUYS. SERIOUSLY? 

Robert Pattinson may hate his life and he may not. We’d love to hang out with him and find out. In the mean time, we’re doing our best to bring you every snippet of self-loathing from every corner of the internet so we can continue to speculate.