ugh while we're bitching about all the sexual manipulative bad in twilight can i just take a moment to let out my exasperation over how people try to defend edward and bella's "relationship" by comparing it to literary relationships like heathcliff/catherine or erye/rochester LIKE SERIOUSLY none of the other books tried to glamourise how bad their male characters were the way stephanie meyer creamed herself every time she wrote about edward cullen ugh ugh UGH


this is less an ask and more a shoutout to the 13-year-old anon being harrassed, from somebody who's dealt similarly with bullies: strike him. knee to the groin, fist to the face, whatever you like. i'm not kidding. yes, you will probably be suspended from school for a day. it will be worth it. in the principal's office, name the teachers who "laughed" at your complaints. and don't apologize.


I'm a thirteen year old girl, and because of our movie culture that says it's OK to force yourself on girls, already in my short life I have a dickhead trying to force himself on me. Like, trying to feel me up every bloody second of the day. And the teachers that see this nimrod coming on to me? They laugh. Yeah, the problem we have is portrayed in movies, but it's ingrained deeply in our society too.

UGH WOW SERIOUSLY NOT COOL. especially because you’re a very much a minor (age is but a number, etc etc, but in the eyes of the law you are 100% considered a minor), your teachers need to be looking our for you. 

punch that guy in the dick

I think what I hate most about that Bella/Jacob kiss is that after, when she goes home and tells her dad that Jacob SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HER, he blows it off and is actually HAPPY about it. A goddamn cop.

A+ work there, Mr. Swan. 

Hey there, I agree with pretty much everything you've said and am not sticking up for Twilight at all, but just wanted to note that the last message said that the violent kiss was with Edward, when the one posted shortly ago was actually with Jacob, which always makes me confused as to why some fans will admit that Edward/Bella is messed up but offer Jacob/Bella as a healthy alternative - both relationships seemed pretty awful to me. :)

I think the previous anon got a little mixed up (the quote itself does say Bella/Jacob), but the point stands anyway - Bella is extremely passive in receiving a unwanted kiss. Who it’s from, while good to know, is irrelevant. Thanks for the correction!

Rebloggable by request.

Rebloggable by request.


So, that passage about Edward violently kissing Bella. I've been kissed in a pretty similar way twice, years apart. Neither was sexy or fun. Both times left me feeling pretty upset afterwards. It is the antithesis of romance.

What’s horrifying is that this passes for romance. There’s no warning or explanation that this is now what you should be looking for in a relationship because Stephenie Meyer and her truly stunning internalized misogyny and totally backwards relationship to with, well, relationships FINDS THIS SEXY. So she communicates to the reader as if it’s a sexy thing. And there are THOUSANDS of women, young and old alike, who ingest this material and begin to believe it themselves because no one is telling you “IF SOMEONE KISSES YOU AND YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO KICK THEM IN THEIR RESPECTIVE GENITALIA”.

Really scary stuff.

It’s great, when you walk through a day and you know someone is talking to you and they have no idea who you are. It’s such a ridiculous thing to like but it’s so satisfying.

Rob, on not being recognized. 

This man could literally not hate his batshit fans any more than he does. 

@1918AnonTwihard: Furthermore, people change. Good characters often change. The entire hero cycle, in which a likable protagonist becomes something we root or, or associate with, is based on his inevitable change. Plus our thoughts and opinions change all the time; and as something that doesn't age, he would have HAD to change his opinions from the early 1900's to suit the 21st century! If your argument is "well it's 'magic' time freeze" then WELL ITS MAGIC ABUSE.



any excuse to use this gif.